We have compiled a list of most commonly asked questions for our client to make it simpler to understand our services and scope of work.

Question: Does Associated Data and Communications cater to small or personal projects?

Answer: Yes, we cater to commercial as well as residential clients, including small projects.

Question: How long does it take to install cabling for an office?

Answer: All our installation projects vary depending on the scope of work. An estimator will give realistic timelines for each project before beginning the project. We offer realistic timelines and commit to them.

Question: which product or cables does Associated Data and Communications use?

Answer: We have multiple vendors to source our materials. All our vendors undergo a strict quality check process to ensure our clients get the best materials at affordable prices. The cabling we use can vary depending on availability of materials and client budgets.

Question: What guarantees do we provide?

Answer: All our installations come with a satisfaction guarantee. We provide guarantees for installation quality. However, guarantees for the materials we use are provided by the manufacturer themselves, with no liability on our part. We do however; ensure that if the fault is at our end i.e. during installation, we will rectify the issue without additional costs.